Painless GuaSha Therapy

Offering 1 Year Diploma Course

Dublin College of Energy Medicine is proudly offering a 1 Year Diploma Course of the Painless GuaSha Therapy. GuaSha Therapy can be combined with GPs, alternative health services, energy healing, acupuncture, beauty therapy and weight loss program.

What is the Painless GuaSha Therapy?

GuaSha is an old Chinese traditional therapy that has a long history. But, there is a big difference between the traditional Chinese GuaSha and the Painless GuaSha that was systemized by Monk Cheong Wol. The biggest difference is the pain level while receiving the treatment. Painless GuaSha reduces the pain dramatically.

The core principle of GuaSha treatment is to treat the blood. We know that blood in our body must be clean, healthy and must circulate well in order to prevent diseases including cerebral infarction, hardening of arteries, high blood pressure, myocardial infraction, obesity and so on. Blood in our body delivers oxygen and nutrition to every cell of the body and brings body wastes back to the lungs, liver and kidney to be eliminated from the body. If there is a problem with blood circulation, problems occur because oxygen and nutrition cannot be delivered to the cells. So, in truth, a healthy life is very much connected to good blood circulation. GuaSha Therapy is one of the best therapies to purify the blood and to circulate blood well in the body.

What is the difference between the traditional GuaSha and the Painless GuaSha?

The main difference is that the Painless GuaSha therapy is not as painful as the traditional GuaSha. Many people know that GuaSha Therapy greatly helps to lose body weight and improves skin condition. But many people who experienced the original therapy before hesitate to receive it again because of the intense pain. However, the painless GuaSha Therapy doesn’t give such pain to the patients, but still keeps the same effects of the treatment. Also, Painless GuaSha Therapy has two more very effective techniques; plucking & tapping which are not found in the traditional GuaSha. The traditional GuaSha Treatment refers to mostly scraping treatment. Even among GuaSha experts in the world, not many know about plucking and tapping. Monk Cheong Wol has developed the plucking and tapping techniques. Scraping techniques are the foundation of the therapy and then plucking and tapping techniques are added to give deeper treatment. By using only scraping techniques, the effects of GuaSha therapy are limited. When you apply just scraping on the legs, you may not see much Sha (burse like blood clots in the skin). But when adding tapping to the legs, a lot of Sha normally come out. Sha comes out from the skin by scraping and from the deeper level between skin and muscle by plucking. Sha comes out from the muscle and between muscles by tapping. Tapping stimulates even deeper levels than the level of plucking. When you can use these three techniques freely, you can claim that you know GuaSha well. It is said that plucking is 10 times stronger than scraping, and tapping is 10 times stronger than plucking. This means that tapping is 100 times stronger than scraping.

Effects of the Painless GuaSha & cautions

Painless GuaSha can treat so called incurable diseases such as cancers, Parkinson’s disease, vicious atopic dermatitis, muscular atrophy, severe myelitis and so on. However, GuaSha cannot be used in treatment of the following conditions; bleeding diseases such as throbopenia, fractured or broken bones, acute infectious diseases, the abdomen of pregnant woman, and on someone who feels energetically weak or has not enough blood.

Course Details

You can learn the scraping, plucking & tapping of the Painless GuaSha Therapy from our College and become an internationally qualified Painless GuaSha practitioner. Monk Cheong Wol will directly pass down all the secret of the painless scraping, plucking & tapping techniques in the Painless GuaSha Diploma Course. Starting dates are flexible.

Requirement to finish the course

* Attending the Student Clinic – treating minimum 2 patients weekly in the college under supervision
* Submitting 50 recorded own cases studies (photos) during the course
* Self-Practice between students for 2 hours per week which can be facilitated in the college


* Theory exam
* Practical exam of scraping, plucking & tapping

Course Fees

 * 1 Year Course Fee:€ 3,250
(All Tutoring and Course Materials, administration & exam fees are included.)

Payment Plan available

 * Non refundable deposit of €500 to secure the place at the beginning and then monthly direct debit of €275 for 10 months
* Course Fee can be paid in full at the beginning of the course or in 3 installment during the course


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